Monday, 19 April 2010


Concept - Land & Objects

Land and Objects within the land
The main concept for my project “Land & Objects” is communication links in the natural environment, e.g. Pylons, Roads and unused railway lines/viaducts. Thinking along the lines of new and old I want to show the impact that the old has on the new and vice versa. I also want to show the beauty of something old compared to the ugliness of something contempory.
Pylons are known to be an ugly feature in the land; however they’re also a necessity to 21st century life. I want to capture the pylons to represent the ugliness and boldness and effect that they have in the environment.
Roads are also a major part for communication, they are used every day in society and although the main roads are tried to be kept in good conditions for vehicles, the smaller, quiet country roads are neglected. I want to show this in the images that I produce by capturing both the main roads and country roads.
Railway lines were once a major transport link between the country and cities, I want to try and create a contrast between the old and the new and how it has and hasn’t affected the environment. Viaducts more than the railway lines themselves interest me more and will most likely play a bigger part then the rail lines in my work.

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