Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Shoot One.

Canon 350D

So for my first shoot I'm going to be using a Canon 350D, with a standard lens.
I'll be focusing on the Pylons and Main roads for this shoot. I'm hoping to find somewhere that is easy to get to. However, this shoot is only happening because this is the only transport that i have this weekend, so im not too sure how easy it is going to be to access the Pylons, as i know that they are situated on a busy main road.

Something Else

Another Idea

Okay, so I really like the idea that I came up with for the communication out-lets, such as the Pylons and Roads. However, after a couple of shoots i got a little tired because I haven't been that happy with the results. So, I also want to take some pictures of obvious human influences in the enviroment. For example, car parks and hand rails. Just simple things that you can see everyday, bins, houses, buildings, litter etc.

I thought of this concept when I was photographing down the beach.